UIG Ground Scanner Detector

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Gold, Metals, Nuggets, Voids

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The UIG ground scanner is a live scan and ground imaging system using 3D technology.


Start your exploration journey by searching for precious metals, buried treasures, ancient relics, archaeological tombs, caves, and voids underground with the UIG ground scanner device, the unique and only technology of its kind in the world, which combines three different imaging systems with one device that specializes in exploration and search for minerals, treasures, archaeological burials, corridors, caves, voids in the ground with ease, high accuracy, in addition to conducting accurate scanning of ancient and archaeological walls.

The Uig ground scanner works with three professional scanning and imaging technologies with a multi-functional imaging sensor with modern and highly effective technologies supported by a lightweight movable arm to facilitate scanning and imaging of targets, in addition to the option of distinguishing metals and voids with two different sounds.

The Uig ground scanner is characterized by its small size, and lightweight, which makes it preferred by prospectors, due to its ease of use in exploration and searches for precious metals, buried treasures, and voids in the ground.

Three underground detection and imaging systems with one device.

The UIG ground scanner is a multi-system device for detecting precious metals, treasures, archaeological burials, corridors, caves, and voids underground.

– High speed and accuracy in detecting targets underground.

– Very effective in scanning targets inside ancient archaeological walls.

– Lightweight movable arm to facilitate scanning and photographing targets.

– The property of distinguishing minerals and voids in two different voices.

-Determine the depth of the target in meters and marking easily and with high accuracy.

– A list of several languages supported by the application attached to the device, namely: (English – Arabic – Spanish – French – German – Portuguese).

– Mute and activate the sound of the device.


The UIG ground scanner works with three underground detection and imaging systems:

– Live ground scan system.

– Live wall scan system.

– 3D imaging system.

The search depth of the Uig ground scanner is up to 30 meters underground.

The Uig ground scanner is one of the best German industries. It has the European CE certificate according to international standards and the ISO 9001 international certificate according to international specifications and standards.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Name Technical Specification Value
Dimensions Device with sensor (opened) 880 mm
Dimensions Device with sensor (Closed) 600 mm
Dimensions Device without sensor (Closed) 575 mm 575 mm
Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Radio
Data processing speed 72 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 0 C° to 70 C°
Operating Humidity Range Up to 95 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range -20C° to 70C°
Storage Humidity Range Up to 98 % Relative Humidity
Operating Time (27 Wh Battery) 10 Hours
Waterproof Rating – Detector Not waterproof (weatherproof only)
BT144 Battery Technical Specifications
Type Rechargeable Battery – External Battery
Output Voltage Li-ion 10.8 VDC
Capacity Li-ion 27 Wh
Run Time 10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature 0 C° to 50 C°
Battery Storage Temperature – 5C° to 70C°
Battery Charger Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0 C° to 50 C°
Storage Temperature – 30 C° to 80 C°
Input Voltage 90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
USB Output Current 5 VDC / 2100 mA
Other Technical Specifications
Total weight 3900 g
Device weight 1100 g
Battery weight 330 g
Bag weight (empty) 2230 g
Bag dimensions 635 mm x 335 mm x 145 mm


An electric car charger
The arm of the imaging sensor
A Carrying Bag
Tablet’s stand
Imaging sensor
2500 mAh battery
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Device’s handle

Video explaining how the UIG Ground Scanner Detector work

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International certificates for devices

Cϵ marking certification

The CE certificate represents the conformity of the functioning of the devices and their safety of use which applies to international manufacturing standards

International ISO 9001 Certification

according to international standards and specifications.

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